Palatine Parade (limited edition)

The Palatinate region of Germany, or “die Pfalz” as it is more commonly known today, is renowned for its parades and wine festivals. Each year over 300 such festivals take place in the towns and villages throughout the region. Illustrator and graphic artist Austin Bovenizer, is the 8th generation ancestor of Johann Adam Bovenizer who settled in Ireland in 1709 as part of a group from the German Palatinate. Austin has become familiar with his German ancestral homeland over the past 20 years and this work has been inspired by his many visits to the Palatinate region.

This edition of 250 prints is reproduced on certified archival grade paper. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.

Size: 37.8" x 9.25" (96cm x 23.5cm)

Medium: Digital Montage/Collage

198.00 euro (Rolled)
plus Post & Packaging

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german palatinate parade illustration by austin bovenizer